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Philips PPSX
X.25 Data encryptor - this page is a stub

PPSX was a digital encryption device for public and private X.25 data networks, developed around 1990 by Philips Crypto BV (Usfa) in Eindhoven (Netherlands). The device was intended for secure payment transactions via X.25 lines and for the connections between terminals and mainframes.

The PPSX 2060 series was introduced around 1990, with the PPSX 2065 being the first one to be released. It was housed in the same enclosure as the PFDX fax encryptor – shown in the image on the right – and used the same proprietary Philips Crypto Heart as the fax encryptor (PFDX) and the PNVX secure telephone of the same era.

At least two different versions are known to have existed: the PPSX-2065 (visible on the right) and the PPSX-2061, which was housed in a smaller case. The difference between the two versions is currently unknown, but might be price-related.

Brochures of both versions are available for download below. This page currently acts only as a placeholder for current and future information about the PPSX. If you have additional information, documentation or hardware, please contact us.

Known versions
  • PPSX-2061
    This version is housed in a slimline plastic enclosure and was probably release around 1994, as a cheaper alternative for the PPSX-2065 below.

  • PPSX-2065
    Initial version of the X.25 data encryptor, housed in the same enclosure as the PNVX fax encryptor. This version was probably released in 1990.

  • PPSX-6361
    This is Dutch Government version of the PPSX-2061. It is bascially the same device, but is equipped with a Crypto Heart that is based on the ultra-secure OQ-4436 Crypto Chip, rather than the less secure OQ-4434.
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  3. PPSX full-colour brochure 1
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