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Philips PLDX
2 Mbit link encryptor - wanted item

The PLDX 6142 was a 2Mbps link encryption device developed by Philips Crypto BV in Eindhoven (Netherlands) around 1998. The unit is housed in a 1U 19" rackmount case and allows encryption of data networks. The unit was approved in The Netherlands for the protection of information up to the level of Restricted (Dutch: Departementaal Vertrouwelijk) and later also for STATE SECRET.

The smartcard was known as UP-6410 and the Link Management Software as UP-9900. In 2003, when Philips Crypto BV was closed down to due lack of revenue, the PLDC product line was taken over by Compumatica in Uden (Netherlands).

At present we have no further information about the PLDX 6142, nor a picture of the device. You can help us to expand this page by supplying additional information. As usual, your help is much appreciated.

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