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Smart card reader/writer - this page is a stub

PE-118 was an internal smart card reader with a parallel interface, developed around 1990 by Philips (France) for the development of TB-100 smart cards. The device required a CONBIN 1 I/O card to be installed in the ISA bus system of a Personal Computer (PC), of which the parallel port was used for connection to he PE-118. The PE-118 itself had the form factor of a 5¼" floppy drive and was installed in an empty floppy bay.

The device is suitable for both type of ISO 7816-2 cards: with the contact pads in the top left corner (the standard until 1990) and with the contact pads at the left centre (the standard from 1990 onwards).   

  1. In the documentation known as CONBIN. On the card itself written as COMBIN.

PE-118 internal smart card reader for PC
Rear angle view
CONBIN ISA-bus I/O expansion card
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PE-118 internal smart card reader for PC
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Rear angle view
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CONBIN ISA-bus I/O expansion card

  • Device
    Smart card reader
  • Purpose
    Read/writing TB-100 smart cards (security tokens)
  • Type
  • Manufacturer
    Philips (France)
  • Model
  • Year
  • 5111 199 46501 (reader)
    5111 199 4563x (ISA-bus card)
    5111 991 15131 (installation notice)
  • Country
    France, Netherlands
  • Successor
  • Standard
    ISA-bus expansion card
  • Form factor
    5¼" bay
  • Power
    5V/12V DC
  • Dimensions
    210 × 150× 43
  • Weight
    668 g
  1. Installation notice for PE-118
    PE-118 Conbin Board jumper settings.
    Philips, France, 30 August 1990.
    5111 991 15131.
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