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Philips PCDX
Computer Data Encryptor

PCDX was a computer data encryption device in the shape of a half-size ISA card, developed by Philips Crypto around 1996. It was compatible with MS Windows (3.11 and 95) and was intended for secure storage of bulk data on CD and tape. Unfortunately in never went into production.

The PCDX unit was developed at a time when Philips Crypto was trying to sell crypto-solutions for civil applications, as orders from the Dutch government and the Army were declining.

By the time the project was finished, it was already superceeded by cheaper and better software-based products. Both the card and the accompanying software were developed and even the full-colour leaflet on the right was printed when the project was shelved. Nevertheless, it contained state-of-the-art Philips-developed encryption algorithms, which would have been difficult to break.

At present, we do not known whether the PCDX has been produced in small quantities for evaluation, or wehether any prototypes have survived. If you have more information about this product, please contact us.

  1. Philips Crypto BV, PCDX Series Secure Backup Stations
    Full colour PCDX leaflet. 1996.
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