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Philips LAN Guard
IP Encryptor

LAN Guard was an encryption/decryption system for IP-based networks developed in 1999 by Philips Crypto BV in Eindhoven (Netherlands). It allowed Local Area Networks (LANs) in different locations to be connected together in a secure manner via unprotected (public) TCP/IP-networks, such as the internet. LAN Guard is also known by its internal Philips product code UP-6362.

The system was built around Philips' proprietary GCD-Φ and GCD-Φ 2000 crypto chips. The initial version was approved for Restricted Information (Dutch: Departementaal Vertrouwelijk), but a later version with an improved algorithm was approved for TOP SECRET 1 information as well.

The image on the right shows a typical Philips LanGuard unit. It is housed in a 4U 19" rack-mount case with all connections at the rear. The case contains a standard PC motherboard with several PCI expansion cards. A locked door at the front gives access to the controls and LEDs.

LanGuard was used by several customers within the Dutch Government, including the Foreign Office and the Department of Defense. Since its introduction in 1999 the device was upgraded and improved several times and remained a popular solution for the protection of IP networks for several years. In 2003, when Philips decided to close down Philips Crypto due to lack of revenue, the LanGuard product family was taken over by Compumatica in Uden (Netherlands).

Compumatica also took over support for the existing customers and continued to produce and develop the product for several years. After several upgrades and improvements, the product was finally superceeded by Compumatica's in-house developed CryptoGuard family.

  1. In The Netherlands known as Stg ZEER GEHEIM. 'Stg.' = Staatsgeheim (state secrect).  More

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