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BVO-T   UA-8245
Trunk encryption device - this page is a stub

BVO-T was a Trunk Encryption Device (TED), developed around 1981 by Philips Usfa in Eindhoven (Netherlands) as part of the ZODIAC integrated communications network of the Dutch Army. It allows a transfer speed up to 2 Mb/s and was used as a gateway to other NATO/USA networks. It is compatible with the American KG-81, for which the WALBURN encryption algorithm was used.

BVO is the abbreviation of Bundel Vercijfer- en Ontcijferapparaat (Trunk Encryption Device). For ZODIAC, Philips developed two versions of the BVO, both of which could run at a speed of 2Mb/s.

BVO-M used a proprietary encryption algorithm developed at Philips. It is backwards compatible with the earlier 1Mb/s Mucolex. BVO-T has the same form-factor, but is compatible with the American KG-81, allowing the integration of ZODIAC with the US and other NATO countries.

No further information is available at present.

Typical BVO-M unit. Photo courtesy Philips Usfa [1]

  1. Philips Usfa, BVO-M stock photographs
    Crypto Museum Photo Archive #300633.
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