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Nokia SANLA   Sanomalaite M/90
Electronic Message Unit - this page is a stub

Sanomalaite, commonly abbreviated to SANLA, is a military desktop Electronic Messaging Unit (EMU) 1 for use with telephone and radio equipment, developed around 1983 by Nokia in Finland. Messages are encrypted with the Data Encryption Standard (DES) and sent over standard voice channels, using Audio Frequency Shift Keying (AFSK). SANLA was also sold by Philips Usfa in the Netherlands, as the UA-8295, albeit with a different NSA-supplied cryptographic algorithm.

SANLA is the bigger version of the Nokia Partio­sanomalaite (PARSA) M/83 that was released in 1984. Together with the Keskussanomalaite (KESANLA) these units are part of an integrated reconnaissance and command messaging system (Sanomalaitejärestelmä), that was used during the 1980s by the Finnish Defence Forces.   
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contact us. Crypto Museum are also looking for a SANLA, or the equivalent Philips UA-8295, for its collection.
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  1. We have not published this manual, as it contains hand-written notes and names living people.

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