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Key variable loader for DES/DES-XL

T-3011 is a key distribution device, also known as a key loader or a fill device, manufuctured by Motorola (USA) around 1989. The device is intended for loading cryptographic keys into portable and mobile radios, that use the Data Encription Standard (DES) or Motorola's improved DES-XL. 1

The device is housed in the plastic enclosure, similar to that of an old model Motorola MX handheld radio. The standard batteries of that radio can be used. An optional cable is used to connect the T-3011 to the desired radio.

The T-3011 is the successor to the T-3020, which was only suitable for DES encrypted radios (not DES-XL). The device was eventually super­ceeded by the KVL-3000, which supports all known Motorola encryption standards.
Motorola T-3011/BX key variable loader

  1. DES-XL follows the common Data Encryption Standard (DES), but uses a different self-synchronising algorithm – known as counter addressing – which is more robust in a mobile environment.

Motorola T-3011/BX key variable loader
Model and Serial Number tag
  • T-3011/AX
  • T-3011/BX
  • T-3011/CX
  • T-3011/DX
  1. T-3011 DX, Instruction Manual
    Motorola Inc., 1992. 68P81090E20-O.
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