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Key Generator - wanted item

The ME-600 was a random key generator that was developed by Mils Elektronik in Mils (Austria) in the early 1990s, as the successor to the ME-800. It was the first key generator from Mils that supported a wide variety of media for key storage. In addition to punched paper tape, keys could also be stored on floppy discs, paper (for the production of real OTPs), memory cards, etc.

The rather poor quality photograph on the right is the only image of an ME-600 machine that we have at the moment. The modular machine consists of a tall 19" rack in which all units are housed. At the top are the floppy disc drive and an EPROM socket. Immediately below the floppy drive are the two supply reels with paper tape (yellow and blue). At the bottom are the take-up reels. The section at the center contains the actual tape puncher and a printer that stamps index numbers onto the tape.

In addition, an external CRT-based terminal and a dot-matrix printer were added to the setup. The ME-600 was capable of creating truely random key streams for:

  • Floppy disc
  • Paper tape
  • Paper (sheet)

    Help required
    At present we have no further information about this device. Furthermore, we are still hoping to add it to our collection in due course. If you have such a device or any related information, and are willing to donate it to Crypto Museum, please contact us.

    1. Mils Elektronik, ME-600 Random Key Generator
      Sales brochure. 8 pages. Date unknown but probably early 1990s. 1
    1. Document kindly supplied by Mils Electronic.

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