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MilsCard M-286
USB security stick - wanted item

The M-286 is a cryptographic security token in the shape of an USB stick, developed my Mils Electronic in Mils (Austria) in the early 2000s, as a replacement for the ageing M-775 MilsCard which was PCMCIA-based. The M-286 is used with the current System 200 products.

The image on the right shows a typical M-286 USB token that look just like an avarage memory stick. Inside the M-286 is Mils' proprietary tamper-proof M-111 security processor.

The M-286 replaces the earlier PCMCIA based M-275 Key Module, also known as the MilsCard, which in turn replaced the M-775 Key Module. The M-286 offers enhanced security over the M-775, but is backwards compatible. Furthermore, it has a built-in noise generator for creating truely random OTP key sequences, so that the old external PC card is no longer needed.

As the M-286 is backwards compatible with the earlier MilsCards (M-275 and M-775), it is also called MilsCard. It is currently used at the heart of all products of the 200-family. For enhanced security, the MilsCard is now complemented by the OneCube portable security unit.

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