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Mils System 200
System 200 is a series of encryption products, introduced by Mils Electronic in Mils (Austria) in the early 2000s. It is based on in-house developed secure software packages for sending messages and storing information on a PC, using Mils Block Cipher algorithm (MBC) or Mils' OTP-technology for truely unbreakable security. The software packages are complemented by hardware-based security tokens, such as the MilsCard M-286 and the OneCube security module.

Data security token
  • MilsMessage
    Proprietary e-mail client for Windows® personal computers. It allows secure transmission of sensitive messages via e-mail and any other telecommunication service.

  • MilsMail
    Security plug-in for Microsoft Outlook e-mail client. Offers end-to-end security at the highest security level.

  • MilsFile
    Adds unbreakable security to the Windows Explorer. Allows the encryption of files and folders on local and remote storage media.

  • MilsAdministrator
    Windows application to setup and maintain a secure messaging network, using the above products. Also manages the generation and distribution of cryptographic keys.

  • MilsCard
    Tamper-proof hardware-based security module used by the above applications. MilsCard was initially supplied as a PCMCIA card, but has since been replaced by the (compatible) M-286 USB stick.

  • OneCube
    Portable tamper-proof security module with built-in noise generator and 32GB of secure memory, that connects to a PC via its USB interface.
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