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Tape reader/puncher - this page is a stub

PEB-61 was a 5-level paper-tape reader/puncher — also known as a translator — introduced in 1963 by Crypto AG (Hagelin). It was used in combination with a BCX/RT-621 device, which in turn was a combination of a CX-52 cipher machine and the optional B-621 keyboard attachment [1].

Photograph of PEH-61 attached to CX-52/B-621. From the personal collection of Boris Hagelin [1].
PEB-61 (left) attached to a CX-52/B-621 combination

The device was based on an original idea in 1961 of Boris Hagelin himself, and was designed to make life easier for the cipher clerk. Messages received from a teleprinter link, are first punched to a paper tape in ITA2 format (Baudot). The tape is then fed to the PEB-61 which converts the 5-bit digital code into a 1-of-26 signal (A-Z), which is sent to the B-621 keyboard [1]. This way, the encrypted message is deciphered by the CX-52 and printed directly onto a paper strip.

  1. Technische Beschreibung PEB-61
    Technical description PEB-61 (German) in DIN A4 format.
    Doc. 1189. Crypto AG. Oscar Sturzinger, September 1966.

     Additional circuit diagrams in DIN A3 format

  2. Funktionskontrolle der Chiffriergeräte CX-52, B-621 and PEB-61A
    Test procedure for the cipher equipment CX-52, B-621 and PEB-61A (German).
    Crypto AG. 17 July 1969. 3 pages.

  3. Appareillage pour Chiffrement à Bandes Perforées
    Instructions for CX-52/RT (RT/CX), B-621 and PEB-61 (French).
    Doc. 2268. Crypto AG, Oskar Sturzinger. February 1969. 5 pages.

  4. Die Klaviatur B-621 (B-62)
    B-621 (B-62) keyboard attachment for CX-52 (German). 14 pages (with schematics).
    Doc. 1188a. Crypto AG, Oskar Sturzinger. June 1968.
  1. Hans Stadlin, 100 Jahre Boris Hagelin 1892-1992 (German)
    Crypto AG. Crypto Hauszeitung Nr. 11. Jubilieumausgabe September 1992. p. 70.
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