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The HC-5700 and HC-5750 were high-end desktop message terminals with built-in encryption, developed by Crypto AG (Hagelin) in Zug (Switzerland) in the mid-1990s. The device is the successor to the HC-570 and is compatible with other members of the HC-5000 Cryptomatic series, such as the HC-5200/5250. The design is based on the Siemens T-1285 teleprinter.

The machine comes in two basic variants: a civil version (HC-5700) and a military one (HC-5750) that is fully TEMPEST-proof. It consists of a main unit, a keyboard, a Video Diplay Unit (VDU) and a matrix printer. Optionally, an external paper tape reader/puncher was available. The larger units are connected together via optic fibers in order to minimise the TEMPEST effects.

Cryptographic keys are loaded into the device by means of the KDD-5000 Key Distribution Device. In addition, a chip card was used for the structure key (Crypto Ignition Key or CIK).

The main unit is in fact a Siemens T-1285 teleprinter, the successor to the popular T-1000 range. It was developed by Siemens in co-operation with Philips and was also used as the base for the Philips Aroflex II (sold by Siemens as the T-1285/CA). But unlike the Aroflex II, the HC-5700 uses a Hagelin-proprietary cryptographic module and is therefore not NATO-compatible.

Compatible machines
  • HC-5200/5250
    Hand-held encrypted message terminal
  • Custom-version of the HC-5200
  • HC-5300/5350
    Portable ciphering terminal (briefcase version)
  • HC-5500
    Desktop variant
  • HC-5700/5750
    Workstation (based on Siemens T-1285)
  1. Jane's Military Communications, Cryptomatic HC-5700/5750
    Eighteenth edition, 1997. ISBN 0-7106-1530-2. p. 547.
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