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Secure Fax Gateway - this page is a stub

90si is a fax gateway add-on for secure voice and data terminals, developed around 1992 by GateWay Fax Systems, Inc. in Chesterfield (Virginia, USA). It is supplied as a commercial-of-the-shelf (COTS) product and is used by the US Government and others for connecting commercial fax equipment to secure voice/data terminals like STE, OMNI, Sectéra, STU-IIB, STU-IIIA and vIPer.

The device must be connectedto the red serial port (RS-232) of the secure voice/data terminal. By default, it is configured in such a way that fax messages are always sent in secure mode only.

By adding a GFS-910 Fax Switcher, the same fax machine can also be used for receiving non-secure fax messages, without swapping cables. Both items were approved for use with the STE.
Secure Fax Gateway 90si

Products used with 90si
Motorola STU-II/B SECTEL (NATO-version)
Secure Telephone Unit
Secure Terminal Equipment
vIPer Universal Secure Phone
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  3. GFS-910 instructions
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