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Off-line teletype encryptor - this page is a stub

TC-850 was a military off-line device for the encryption and decryption of teletypewriter signals (telex), develop in the mid-1970s by Gretag AG in Regensdorf (Switzerland), as a modern day alternative to the KFF/TC-58. 1 Unlike the KFF-58 – which used a proprietary data format similar to the Gretag ETK – the TC-850 was compliant with the common ITA2 (Baudot) teletype standard.

For this reason, the TC-850 was compatible with most existing teletype equipment on the market. As it is intended for off-line use, it has a built-in paper tape reader and a paper tape puncher, which could be used for loading and saving bulk data. In addition, plaintext and cryptograms could be entered on the built-in keyboard.

The image on the right shows a typical TC-850 ready for use. It was taken from the original instruction manual, and shows the machine without its protective metal dust cover [A].
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Development of the TC-850 started in 1973 and lasted until approx. 1975, after which full production was scheduled for 1977 [2]. It is currently unknown how many devices were made.

  1. Note that the TC-850 is not compatible with the KFF/TC-58.

THIS PAGE IS A STUB — This page currently acts as a placeholder for future information about this machine. If you have any additional information about it, please contact us.
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    Gretag AG, August 1975.
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  2. Gretag AG, Documents related to the production planning of the TC-850
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