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Gretacoder 715
Highly secure encryptor for SIC bank transfers - this page is a stub

Gretacoder 715 was a highly secure data encryption and authentication system, developed in the late 1980s by Gretag Data Systems (formerly: Gretag) in Regensdorf (Switzerland). The device was developed especially for TELEKURS and was successfully used for many years by the Swiss Inter­bank Clearing Net (SIC) for secure and trusted money transfers between all major Swiss banks. The device uses the Data Encryption Standard (DES) in Cipher Block Chaining Mode (CBC) [A].

The image on the right shows a typical Greta­coder 715, as it is shown on the cover of the 1989 full-colour brochure [B].   

This page is a stub — At present, no further information about the Gretacoder 715 is available and we do not have this device in our collection. You can help us to expand this page, by supplying additional information or, ideally, a sample. If you are able to help, please contact us.
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