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Fialka PSU
Fialka power supply units

Two different Power Supply Units (PSUs) are known to have been issued by the Russians for use in combination with Fialka machines. The most common one is the Standard PSU, which was used in most East-European countries, such as East_Germany (DDR) and Czechoslovakia. The other one is more sophisticated and TEMPEST proof. As far as we currently know, it was only used in Poland.

Standard PSU
This is the most common PSU that was issued with a Fialka machine. The majority of Fialka machines that were found after the fall of the Soviet Union, was supplied with this PSU. It has been confirmed that this PSU was used in East-Germany (DDR) and in Czechoslovakia.

Collectors of Cold War Russian equipment may recognise this PSU, as it was also issued with the M-105 AGAT cipher machine.

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This variant is larger that the standard PSU and contains a number of protective measures against eavesdropping through tapping of the power lines (TEMPEST). Is is connected to the Fialka by means of two wires and produces a constant voltage as well as a constant current.

As far as we know, this PSU was only supplied with Fialka machines that were used in Poland, although occasionally this variant has popped up in other Eastern-Block countries as well.

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