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Enigma Varia
Various Enigma-related items

This page holds a collection of Enigma-related subjects, trivia, items, gadgets, toys and other paraphernalia, that do not fit into any of the other Enigma categories on this website, but that somewhow are related to the Enigma cipher machine or just carry the name Enigma.

Enigma Varia on this page
Swiss Enigma pocket watch
Polis 5 Zloty postage stamp
Polish QSL card for radio amateurs
ACA Plaque 2003
Atari 2600 Enigma Machine Simulator
Polish 2 Zloty coin
Enigma Police arm patch
Wooden 'Enigma' puzzle
Enigma playing cards game 'Kryptos'
Russian 32 Ruble postage stamp (2018)
Original telephone cable used for confidential conversations about US Bombe
Enigma Watch
Although it has nothing to do with the Enigma cipher machine, the pocket watch shown in the image on the right has become a real collectors item. It was made in the 1920s by the Swiss company BREVETS and is branded 'Enigma'.

Various models are available regularly for varying prices from internet auction sites like eBay and Catawiki.

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Enigma-branded pocket watch

Polish Stamp 1983
In 1983, Poland issued a 5 Zloty postage stamp to commemorate the Polish contribution to the breaking of the Enigma codes before and during The Second World War (WWII).

It measures 31 x 43 mm and has a big red capital letter 'E' on it, together with the text: 50 rocznica zlamania szyfru Enigmy (translated: 50th anniversary of breaking the Enigma cipher).
Polish 5 Zloty postage stamp 'Enigma'

QSL cards 2003
In 2003, Radio Amateurs (HAMs) all over the world could win one of the special QSL cards with the callsign HF70x, issued by the Radio Communication Club of Poland. The cards were issued to commemorate the 70th anniversary of breaking the Enigma cipher by the Poles in 1933.

Among other things, the card holds images of the three Polish codebreakers Rejewski, Zygalski and Rozycki.
QSL card from special events callsign HF70I

ACA Plaque 2003
In September 2003 the American Cryptogram Association (ACA) organised a trip to Bletchley Park (BP, UK) for its members, which coincided with the annual Enigma reunion at BP. At the event, the attendees received a plaque with a miniature model of a 3-wheel Enigma machine.

The gift was presented by ACA member Milton Ferguson and consists of a wooden base with a brass plaque and a fairly detailed plastic Enigma model from a GI Joe kit.

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ACA plaque of 2003 with Enigma minature

Atari Enigma game 2005
In 2005, US-based professional hobbyist Mark VandeWettering created an Enigma Simulator for the old Atari 2600 game computer of the 1970s.

His challenge was to create a working simulation of the Enigma, using a 6507 processor with just 128 bytes of RAM. His work can be seen here:

 Brainwagon website
Atari Enigma Machine game module

Polish Enigma coin 2007
In 2007, to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Polish successes in breaking the Enigma cipher, this 2 Zloty coin was issued. It contains a stylised Enigma wheel with the names of the three Polish codebreakers - Rejewski, Zygalski and Rozycki - in the outer circle.

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Stylised Enigma wheel - 75th anniversary of breaking the Enigma cipher

Enigma arm patch 2009
Believe it or not, but in the state of Georgia (US), there is a small town by the name of Enigma, some 250 km south of Atlanta and 150 km north/west of Jacksonville.

And until 2010 it used to have its own police department where the officers wore arm patches with... Enigma Police on it.
Arm patch (shoulder patch) of the Police department of the town of Enigma (GA, USA)

Enigma Puzzle 2011
In July 2011, the Polish region of Wielkopolska organised a special exhibition about the Polish contribution to breaking the Enigma cipher, at the Maczek Museum in Breda (Netherlands).

The exhibition was organised by the Marshall of Wielkopolska – who opened the event – and the wooden puzzle shown in the image on the right was given to the attendees.
Enigma puzzle, presented by the Polish Region Wielkopolska in 2011

Enigma Game 2014
In 2014, Polish game publisher Trefl relased a card game by the name Kryptos. It was created by Piotr Sylka and consists of a pack of playing cards with beautiful graphic designs and full instructions in English, German and Polish.

The game comes in a cardboard box that has the image of an Enigma machine on its cover.

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Kryptos game

Russian Stamp 2018
In 2018, Russia issued a 32 Ruble postage stamp to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Russian Signals Intelligence corps (in Russian: РАДИОЕЛЕКТРОННАЯ РАЗВЕДКА РОССИИ). It measures 65 x 33 mm and holds the images of several interesting devices, including a satellite and a monitoring station with dish antennas.

Interestingly, the stamp also contains an image of an Enigma H-29 cipher machine at the bottom left, which makes one wonder whether it was in fact used – or perhaps broken – by the Russians.
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Telephone cable
This is a piece of the original multi-conductor telephone cable that carried highly confidential conversations during WWII, about development and manufacture of the US Bombe, between the rooms of the secret Navy Section at Building 26 of the NCR factory in Dayton (Ohio, USA).

The cable was recovered from the demolition site of Building 26, by Tom Perera in a daring one-man raid on 25 May 2008, just before the planned move of NCR to Atlanta in 2009.

 About the US Bombe

Piece of multi-conductor telephone cable from Building 26

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