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Electronic Message Units

An Electronic Message Unit, or EMU, is a small – generally portable – electronic device, used for creating, sending and receiving text-based messages, often used in combination with a (military) radio set. In many cases, an EMU is protected by some level of encryption, which can be based on a public or a proprietary algorithm. An EMU is also known as a Digital Message Device (DMD).

EMU units on this website
Nokia m/83 Partiosanomalaite (PARSA)
Nokia DA-8520 m/90 Sanomalaite (SANLA) electronic message unit (EMU)
Philips UA-8295/00 electronic message unit with encryption
MEL BA-1304 - EMU - Electronic Message Unit for the PRC-319
EMU Alpha - Alphanumeric version of the BA-1304 (EMU)
Racal MA-4450 (MEROD)
Racal MA-4245 portable data encryptor
Digital Storage Unit (DSU) for the FS-5000 spy radio set
Motorola D1118 Mobile Data Terminal
Motorola MDT-9100 Mobile Data Terminal
Tele Security Timmann, TST-3010 ruggedized portable message encryptor
Hagelin Hand-held message terninal with encryption
Miniature encryptor for burst messages
Portable stand-alone message encryptor
Pocket text encryptor
Datotek Inc (Texas, USA)
PPC-19 Printing Pocket Cipher Calculator, the first encryption device developed by Timmann (wanted item).
Hand-held consumer communication terminal with crypto facilities
Hand-held consumer communication terminal with crypto facilities
AEG Telefunken Telestar 120, 121 and 122
Miniflex UA-8036
Picoflex UA-8035
TST-1221, TST-2225 and TST-3226 pocket electronic cipher machines (wanted item)
TST 1530 Handycrypto, a portable electronic cipher machine (wanted item)
TST-2305 ruggedized text encryptor with LED display (wanted item)
TST-3010 hand-held military message encryptor
TST 3550 portable electronic cipher machine
ME-540 portable electronic cipher machine
Message Exchange Device (MED)
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