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Also known as AT&T Datotek

Datotek, or Datotek Inc., was a manufacturer of cryptographic solutions, based in Dallas (Texas, USA). The company was established in 1969 by D.R. Whitson and specialised in voice encryption systems (scramblers) and later also in digital message encryptors. Under the direction of John H. Nugent, the company grew to a major player in the cryptographic industry, and by the time they were taken over by AT&T in 1989, they had an estimated market share of approx. 30%.

 About Datotek

Datotek equipment on this website
Mobile frequency and time domain voice scrambler
Portable message encryptor (1977)
Known devices
  • DNV-630
    Voice scrambler
  • DLE-7000
  • DC-105
    Teleprinter encryptor
  • DV-505
    Scrambler phone
  • DV-505ATR
    Aircraft voice scrambler
  • DS-138
    Synchronised data scrambler
  • DH-26
    Hand-held message encryptor
  • DC-26
    Desktop message encryptor
  • TA-2000
  • DVC-2419
    Digital voice, message, data and fax encryptor 1
  • XMP-500
    Portable digital message unit 1
  • XMP-1500
    Mobile digital message unit 1
  • XMP-5500
    High-traffic digital message unit 1
  1. Part of Datotek's Integrated Combat Cryptographic Network (ICCN).

  1. Datotek ICCN advert
    Date unknown.
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