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Compumatica secure networks is a Dutch/German IT-company specialized in the development, production and implementation of high-level security solutions for the protection of sensitive data transmitted over public or private networks. With its headquarters in Uden (Netherlands) and a regular office in Aachen (Germany), the company offers a wide range of security products.

In 2003, Compumatica bought part of the legacy of Philips Crypto, in order to get access to network technology for the protection of STATE SECRET information, such as Philips' LanGuard and PLDX 6142. These systems were based on Philips' proprietary GCD-Φ crypto chips. In the Netherlands, Compumatica also represents the German crypto-manufacturer Utimaco.

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Compumatica products on this website
LAN Guard IP-based network encryption system (previously a Philips product)
CryptoGuard VPN 4000
  • GryptoGuard
  • CompuWall
  • CompuMail
  • Crypto phones
  • Secure Mobile Access Solution
  • SMS Secure Management Station
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