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Formerly Autophon, Zellweger

Ascom AG, also known as Ascom Radiocom AG, is a Swiss manufacturer of electronics equipment, established in 1987 by merging the Swiss companies Autophon, Hasler Holding and Zellweger Telecommunications. Together with Siemens and Alcatel, Ascom (and its predecessors) were the preferred suppliers for telecom equipment to the Swiss state-owned PTT 1 for many years. This ended when the PTT lost its telecom monopoly and privatised as Swisscom, after which Ascom faced several reorganisations. Ascom was once also a preferred supplier to the Swiss Army [1].

In 1996, the VHF/UHF radio division of Ascom was first taken over by the German company Bosch and a year later by the American multinational Motorola, who consolidated the trunking radio market and eventually shut down the former Ascom radio business altogether in the mid 2000s.

As present (2016), Ascom still has a presence in 17 countries and has become a major player in several niche markets, including on-site communications systems in hospitals, nursing homes, prisons, shops, hotels, etc. The company has its headquarters in Baar (Zug, Switzerland) [1].

  1. PTT = Postal Telegraph and Telephone. Established in 1970 as the Swiss state-owned Postal, Telegraph and Telephone company. Split into two public service companies on 1 January 1998: Swiss Post and Swisscom.

Zellweger/Autophon/Ascom equipment on this website
Swiss NEMA (replacement for Enigma K) made by Zellweger
FOX SE-100 (BC-611 built under licence from Motorola)
Autophon SE-20 handheld radio
Ascom SE-160 handheld radio
Ascom SE-660 mobile radio
Known Ascom radios
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