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Nagra Crevette
Data logging recorder - this page is a stub

Crevette (English: shrimp) was a small electromechanical tape recorder, developed in 1967 by Nagra in Switzerland especially for the French Army. The device was intended for use inside a blank submarine torpedo, and was used for recording tracking, gyro and navigational data, allowing engineers to perfect the torpedo's tracking trajectory and guidance system later [1].

The image on the right shows the Crevette data logger, as it was shown on the historical pages on the Nagra website in 2018 [1].   
Nagra Crevette - Image taken from Nagra Website [1] - Copyright Nagra

The black-and-white image on the right — obtained from an unknown source — provides a different view of the recorder, and clearly shows how the two reels are stacked. It also shows that the larger tape guides are tilted, in order to provide a smooth transfer from the supply reel at the bottom to the pickup reel at the top.   
Black and white image of Nagra Crevette. Source unknown.

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