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Mohawk Business Machines

Mohawk Business Machines Corp. (later: Mohawk Electronics Corp.), abbreviated Mohawk, was a developer and manufacturer of electronic equipment — in particular portable tape recorders — founded in the late 1940s and based 1 in Brooklyn, New York (USA). From 1955 to 1959, the company released four models of its portable audio tape recorder, the Mohawk Midgetape [1].

In advertising and in brochures, Mohawk used to claim that it was the first company to produce battery powered portable audio recorders, but this seems a doubtful claim. German competitor Monske & Co (later: Protona) released its Minifon Mi-51 in 1951, well before the first Midgetape.

  1. Registered in Maryland (USA).

Midgetape recorders on this website
Mohawk Midgetape 544 (BR-1)
Mohawk Midgetape 300
Mohawk Midgetape Chief 400
Known products
Known address
  • Mohawk Business Machines
    944 Halsey Street
    Brooklyn 33, New York
  • ?
    Founded in the late 1940s
  • 1949
    Complaint filed at FCC against AT&T [3]
  • 1951
    Telephone answering machine [4]
  • 1958
    Several legal disputes
  • 1962
    Renamed Mohawk Electronics Corp.
  • 1965
    Filed for bankruptcy
Registered patents
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