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Covert Radios
This section is about radios that were used for covert operations, ranging from simple portable radios, often used for surveillance tasks, to advanced miniature body-wearable transmitters, receivers, transceivers and accessories, that were (or are) used for observations, warfare, (VIP) protection, surveillance and espionage. Click any of the thumbnails below for further details.

 Index of covert radios

Covert radios on this website
Soviet covert radio S-20 (Neva) with valves (tubes) and transistors
Soviet covert radio T-47/50 (Kama)
Acacia (Akatsiya) S-9 (C-9) body-worn covert radio
Czechoslovakian TI-523 (Hvězda) handheld VHF/FM radio (44 MHz)
Czechoslovakian Covert Alarm Transmitter (used for surveillance)
RFT, UFT-421, body wearable surveillance radio
62R1 (Chaika) body-wearable covert VHF transceiver
Kaira body-wearable covert radio (USSR)
Kopchik aperiodic surveillance detection receiver
Tesla PR-35 (FAUN), slim-line body wearable radio for surveillance tasks
Tesla PS-31, semi-portable radio with voice encoding
Tesla ZO-31, radio base station with voice encoding
CIA surveillance receiver SSR-100
Panasonic RF-015 AM/FM pocket radio
Audiotel covert radio set, consisting of VRX-SL receiver and VTX-22 transmitter
Racal PRM-4515 Cougar handheld radio
Racal Cougar PRM-4735 body-wearable covert radio with voice encryption
Racal Cougar PRM-5120 body-wearable covert radio with voice encryption
Video-Over-Radio system (Racal/Thales)
Selex H4855 Personal Role Radio (PRR)
Selex H4855 ELSA Enhanced Encrypted Personal Role Radio (EZ-PRR)
Nagra Credit Card Transmitter (CCT)
Concealed microphones
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