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Covert listening device with DP audio masking - this page is a stub

SRT-92 was a covert listening device (bug), developed in the early 1970s by the Dutch Radar laboratory (NRP) for the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), as part of a long-term research contract under the codename Easy Chair. The device features the Dirty Pulse (RP) audio masking scheme and is the binaural — or two-channel or stereo — version of the SRT-91 transmitter.

At present, we have no further information about this model. If you can provide information about the SRT-92, please contact us. In the meantime, check out our page about the SRT-91, which is very similar. New information will be added to this page as and when it becomes available.

 More about the SRT-91

  1. Study of Further SRS-91 System Developments
    NRP, October 1973. CM302629/x.
  1. NRP/CIA, Collection of documents related to SRS-91
    Crypto Museum Archive, CM302629 (see above).
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