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ATET is an electronics company that develops, manufactures and sells equipment, systems and solutions in the field of communications and security, for private as well as government use. The company is based in Torino and Rome (Italy) and sells to customers in Italy and world-wide.

Since 1960, ATET has specialized in the development and production of miniature and sub­minia­ture transmitters for surveillance and covert listing, mainly intended for use by the Army and Goverment Agencies. Products like the S-35 were produced during the 1980s and were sold by the Security Division of ATET. ATET is still in business today and its Security Division is selling the lates generation of remote controlled programmable radio bugs. Information about such devices is available only to authorized customers.

ATET equipment on this website
A.T.E.T. S-35 subminiature covert listening transmitter (radio bug)
Known ATET equipment
  • S-35
    Miniature covert transmitter (bug)
  • S-36
    Telephone RF bug
  • S-37
    Telephone RF bug
  • S-45
    Covert transmitter with vox
  • S-55
    Telephone RF bug
  • RP-51
    Repeater in transport case 1
  • HT-200
    Telephone carrier bug
  • TT-200
    Line interface for HT-200
  • TZ-200
    Receiver/amplifier for HT-200
  1. Suitable for encrypted signals

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