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Minifon, Der Spion in der Tasche
2nd Edition

Author: Roland Schellin
ISBN: 978-3-9822340-7
Release: April 2022
Language: German
Layout: 260 pages, full-colour, hard cover

In 2001, Roland Schellin published his first book about the intreguing range of Minifon wire and tape recorders, that were once used by spies and intelligence services for eaves­dropping on secret conversations. At the time, it was by far the best source on this topic, that not only described the devices in great detail, but also the company and its successors in a wider context.

In April 2022, Schellin succeeded in surpassing his own book, by releasing a complete rewrite with a lot of new information, stories, brochures, circuit diagrams and detailed new high-quality photographs, all in full-colour. This hard-cover book has 260 pages and contains hundreds of photographs, all in the best possible quality. A must-have for everone who is interested in the early history of miniature recording devices.

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IMPORTANT – Do not confuse this book with the 2001 release with the same title. The older release has a soft cover and consists of 195 pages in DIN A5 format, with black & white images. The new 2022 release is a complete rewrite, has a hard cover and consists of 260 pages in DIN A4 format, all in full-colour.
Cover of the new edition
New edition (2022) and old edition (2001)
1 / 2
Cover of the new edition
2 / 2
New edition (2022) and old edition (2001)

  1. Roland Schellin, Minifon, Der Spion in der Tasche 2001
    First edition, 2001. ISBN 3-936012-00-8.
    Black & Wite, 195 pages, DIN A5, soft cover.

  2. Roland Schellin, Minifon, Der Spion in der Tasche 2022
    Second edition, 2022. ISBN 978-3-9822340-7.
    Full-colour, 260 pages, DIN A4, hard cover.
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