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Welcome at the Crypto Museum website. ` At present we are a virtual museum in The Netherlands, that can only be visited on the internet 24 hours a day. However, we do have a physical collection, and regularly organise exhibitions, events and lectures, in cooperation with other organisations.

The main goal of Crypto Museum is to preserve history. This is done by collecting, restoring and describing historical cipher machines – such as the well-known Enigma machinespy radio sets, intercept receivers and and other espionage-related items. For a detailed explanation of why we do this, please read our mission statement. Many of the items described on this website are part of the Crypto Museum collection, but some have only crossed our path briefly, or are impossible to obtain. Whenever possible, we have tried to describe the equipment to the best of our abilities.

We are always interested in acquiring new equipment for the museum. If you have any questions or if you have something to offer, please do not hesistate to contact us. Your help is much appreciated. And if you want to make a donation, financial or otherwise, please click here.

Information on this website
Crypto and cipher machines
Spy sets, Agent radios and Special Forces transceivers
Burst Encoders and Short Burst message transmitters
Intercept receivers, Direction Finders, etc.
Covert equipment like cameras, bugs, recorders, radios, dead drops, concealment devices, lock pick tools, etc.
Various radio sets and military integrated radio networks
Secure military and TEMPEST PCs
Teleprinter and telex machines (under construction)
Index of intelligence agencies (under construction)
Self-build electronic kits
Items or information wanted for our collection
Latest news from Crypto Museum
Events related to Crypto Museum or to information on the Crypto Museum website
Manufacturers of equipment featured on this website
Crypto Museum is a non-subsidised privately-owned virtual museum with a physical collection. The curators work very hard to bring an interesting and diverse collection together, to describe the various items in great detail, and to share this information with the rest of the world. If you are pleased with the information provided on this website, please consider making a donation.

Latest news
New items
TCU-7000 controller and message encryptor for HRM-7000 (HF-7000)
BID/460 (Palladian)
Motorola MTM-5400 and MTM-5500 TETRA radios
RT-1439 non-ICOM radio set
ECCM Fill Device (for Frequency Hopping)
KY-99 (MINTERM) Narrow-band Voice and Data Terminal
Soviet R-397-OK long distance digital spy transmitter
CSD-18 bug finder and wire-tapping detector
R-187-P1 (Azart-P1) military handheld software defined radio (SDR)
Mohawk Midgetape Chief 400
Peripheral expansion unit for Gretacoder 906
Brid Dog 306XT vehicle tracking system
Motion sensing tracking beaconb
United 225 Intelligence kit (body transmitter and briefcase receiver)
TX-916 Body Transmitter 1W with scrambler
RX-1000 digital VHF surveillance receiver
RX-905 analogue VHF surveillance receiver
NERA VR-2B microwave receiver for passive listening device
Covert listening device (bug) found at the OPEC headquarters
Exploded view of an Enigma G31 rotor
The Peterson International Code, 3rd edition (1929)
Hagelin HX-63 rotor-based cipher machine
PD-3 spy radio transmitter with PSU
American Microphone Company DD-4, used by the CIA
Addiator Duplex (cipher version)
NEVO FX credit card recorder
Nevo Deep ...
RS-100 integrated spy radio set
REI Orion NJE-4000 non-linear junction detector (NLJD)
Utimaco CryptoServer LAN, Secure server with Hardware Security Module (HSM)
Hardware Security Module (HSM) with PCIe interface
Crystal controlled UHF FM transmitter (bug)
8-bit ISA-bus PC HSM card for harddisc encryption
CryptWare Hardware Security Module (HSM) on ISA-bus PC card
DSP-9000 EDT voice scrambler
Motorola STU-III/R
Motorola SECTEL 2500 (STU-III) secure telephone unit
French plug-in transmitter Type 2
WiFi camera concealed as a regular screw
Zählwerk Enigma (Enigma G and Abwehr Enigma)
Just released or updated   + wanted items
Raytheon IST-2 secure telephone
Power line receiver
Mohawk Midgetape 544 (BR-1)
PD-5 spy radio transmitter with PSU
Telefunken B2M, clone of the British B2
Sophisticated bug found in GSMK CryptoPhone IP-19
Soviet project IKAR (Icarus) to describe US bugs
vIPer Universal Secure Phone
External lamp panel for Naval Enigma
LW/MW/SW pocket receiver
The Thing, also known as The Great Seal Bug, planted by the USSR in the office of the American Ambassador.
BID/470 (BRAHMS) high-end portable telephone encryptor
NEMA cipher machine
Cipher machine that uses air instead of electric current
CIA surveillance receiver SSR-100
KL-7 rotor-based cipher machine (USA)
Please help us identify these items
Portable VHF/UHF surveillance receiver (HMGCC)
Unknown (German?) spy radio set in leather suitcase
Please help us identify this clandestine Warsaw Pact radio set
Recent updates
Popular subjects
Security and privacy
We greatly value the privacy of our visitors, so you will not find any cookies or trackers on this website. Furthermore, we have converted the entire website to https, so that you can now browse our pages in complete anonymity, without anyone watching over your shoulder.

Social Media
If you want to know what is new on this website, where you can see parts of our collection, what lectures we will be giving and which special events we help organizing, you might want to follow us on Twitter and receive real-time news. Note that we do not generate unnecessary traffic. You may access our Twitter account at any time by clicking the Twitter-icon at the top of each page.

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Our mission
People often ask us why we spend so much time with our cipher machines and with the Crypto Museum website. We have, of course, asked ourselves that question numerous times. If you want to know the answer, please read our Mission Statement. It's a long story, but we would be grateful if you took the time to read it. If you're in a hurry, please read at least the abstract.

 Read our mission statement

All images on this website are owned and copyrighted by Crypto Museum, unless stated otherwise. If you want to use any of them, please ask first. Under normal circumstances permission will be granted, provided that full credit is given to Crypto Museum and that they are used for non-commercial purposes. Commercial users may also contact us to arrange a suitable donation. If an image is not owned by us, you will have to ask the original owner for permission.

DISCLAIMER — Although every effort is made to ensure that the information presented on this website is correct, this can not be guaranteed. Please note that Crypto Museum can not be held responsible for any damage arising from the use or misuse of the information presented on this website. Crypto Museum can not guarantee the suitability of the information for any purpose whatsoever. If you find any mistakes or omissions, please contact us and we will do our best to fix them.

CLASSIFIED INFORMATION — To the best of our knowledge, this site only contains information that is either available in the public domain, that is unclassified, or that has been officially declassified. Whenever possible, the source of the information will be credited in the References section at the bottom of each page. In cases where the classification status is not entirely clear — there is no list of classified items in the public domain — we will try to follow the rules of common sense. If you come across any information that you think is still classified, please let us know.

CODEBREAKING — Please note that we are neither cryptologists nor mathematicians. We don't want to develop new cryptographic systems and we are not cryptanalysts either. We are not involved or interested in breaking any classified codes. Also note that some of the objects shown on this website are still restricted items. We are not in a position to release classified information about such items.
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