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FS-5000 Toolkit
Various accessories

The FS-5000 comes with a number of smaller accessories that are stored inside a clever slim-line grey plastic box that can be installed as part of the complete radio station, on top of the Digital Storage Unit (DSU) at the front right. It is held in place by a retaining clip on the PSU.

The image on the right shows the contents of the toolkit. Each item is stored in its own space and is held in place by plastic stubs and rubber pads. For the receiver a telescopic antenna and a special earphone is included, with a suitable ear-clip attached to the top lid of the toolbox.

The most important tool in the kit is arguably the red screwdriver. It can be used for locking and unlocing the brackets between the modules (OPEN/CLOSE) and for (dis)assembling stacked modules. Also included are two banana-type plugs that can be used for various applications.
Contents of the toolkit

A set of spare batteries for the DSU is provided. The batteries are sufficient for retaining the DSU memory and keeping the real-time clock (RTC) running for several years. The DSU can also be used stand-alone, however, in which case the batteries will last less long.

The FS-5000 normally takes its power from the two large rechargeable batteries. As these batteries are of the NiCd-type, they suffer from the so-called memory effect (also known as 'battery effect') that can prevent them from being fully charged. This can be solved by regenerating the batteries using a controlled sequence of discharging and re-charging. After normal use, the batteries should be discharged slowly using the supplied two dummy loads. They should then be fully charged before putting them in storage.

Uncovering the toolkit Toolkit in storage container Toolkit Contents of the toolkit Contents of the toolkit Contents of the toolkit Spare fuses in hidden compartment Plastic screwdriver (for adjustments)
Earphone Slow discharger Slow discharger Slowly discharging the battery Taking the telescopic antenna from the toolkit X-unit (test box) Banana sockets on the X-unit Using the screwdriver to lock/unlock the modules

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