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Wooden case for Enigma-E
No longer available

Many Enigma-E owners want to build their kit into a suitable wooden box. Although an appropriate design for a wooden box is included in the Enigma-E manual, most electronics hobbyists lack sufficient woodworking skills. In the past we've seen a few wooden boxes on offer from fellow Enigma-E users, but these sources have eventually dried up. Yet, many people ask for it.

We are happy to announce the immedate availability of our in-house designed wooden Enigma-E case. It is completly built from real oak wood and closely resembles the case of a real Enigma machine, including the combed joints at the edges and suitable hinges.

Although the case needs some additional work, we've done the hard work of sawing, glueing and sanding for you. The image on the right shows what you get. As it is genuine oak wood, the texture of the actual case may differ from that shown in the pictures.

The case consists of a bottom part and an hinged top lid. Both parts are glued together and have combed joints at the edges, just like the case of a real machine. In the front panel of the bottom part is a movable flap, complete with its own hinge and two hooks to keep it closed. There is no lock and no carrying strap either, leaving room for your own improvements. You can finish the wood to suit your own taste: give it a layer of varnish, oil it, or leave it as it is.

Inside the wooden box is an inner frame that is also made from oak wood. It has been milled out so that the main PCB can be fitted on top and the Steckerbrett on the front with a minimum of fuzz. Depending on the version of your Enigma-E and on your soldering skills, you may have to cut out some small sections at the rear using a sharp knife. More details in the pictures below.

The closed case The opened case showing the inner frame detail of the flap and the combed joints at the edges of the case The hooks that keep the flap closed The rear hinge The opened flap, showing the hinge The main PCB fitting on top of the inner frame The Steckerbrett PCB fitting on the front if the inner frame

The wooden Enigma-E case is available from the usual Enigma-E outlets. Museum Jan Corver in The Netherlands sells the case for EUR 140. They are also available from the Bletchley Park museum shop. Please contact them for pricing and shipment cost.

Update January 2013: only a small stock of wooden boxes is available right now, and no new production is planned. HURRY!

Update June 2014: the wooden boxes are no longer available. SORRY.

Please note that these cases are hand-crafted from real oak wood. As a result, texture and dimensions of the case may differ slightly. Especially the wooden flap at the front may need some sanding in order to release its 'tight fit'. Furthermore, as wood is a 'living product' the alignment of the case may change over time. Once you've bought your wooden case, it is not possible to return it if your are not satisfied, so please check the images carefully before ordering.   

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