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Portable Digital Receiver

The PR-100 is a portable digital receiver, developed by Rohde & Schwarz in München (Germany) around 2009, for radio monitoring applications in the field. The receiver covers all frequencies from 9 kHz to 7.5 GHz and is extremely well fitted for locating sources of interference and covert listening devices (bugs). It is often used in combination with the HE-300 directional antenna.

The receiver is housed in a robust handy enclosure, similar to the case of the FSH-3 portable spectrum analyzer, and is part of a large family of measuring devices that comprises portable spectrum analyzers, portable direction finders and portable digital receivers. Compared to the FSH-3, the front panel has a few extra keys and the display has more colour-depth.

The PR-100 can produce a fast panorama scan of the entire frequency range from 9 kHz to 7.5 GHz. Additionally it can show and demodulate a 10 MHz IF spectrum with bandwidths ranging from 150 Hz to 500 kHz. The crisp and clear 6.5" full-colour screen can be used to show spectrum and waterfall (spectrogram) displays.

When used with a suitable antenna, the special direction finding algorithms of the PR-100 allow emissions to be located in close proximity of the receiver, whilst the built-in (optional) digital maps allow triangulation of multiple DF results.
Front panel of the PR-100. Photograph from PR-100 brochure [1]. Copyright Rohde & Schwarz.

This page currently acts as a placeholder for future information. We are not able to show detailed images of the PR-100 and its use, as we do not (yet) have this device in our collection. For additional information, please follow the link below to the Rohde & Schwarz website.

Rohde & Schwarz PR-100 portable monitoring receiver PR-100 portable monitoring receiver and HE-300 anenna Front panel Front Rear Rohde & Schwarz PR-100 portable monitoring receiver Connections at the left side HE-300 with 200-500 MHz antenna installed
Directional antenna
The image on the right shows the PR-100 being used in combination with a HE-300 directional antenna for sweeping a board room. The operator carries the PR-100 on his body in a special harness, whilst he holds the HE-300 in his right hand as he moves across the room.

The HE-300 is the successor to the HE-100 directional antenna that was initially designed for the EB-100 portable surveillance receiver.

 About the earlier HE-100 antenna
TSCM specialist performing a sweep. Copyright Rohde & Schwarz [3].

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