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High-end audio recorders

Nagra Kudelski GmbH, also known as Nagra Audio or simply Nagra, is a Swiss developer and manufacturer of high-end audio equipment for the professional audio and film industry, with its headquarters in Romanel-sur-Lausanne (Switzerland). They are particularly known for their wide range of professional audio recorders and a series of high-precision miniature tape recorders. Nagra also produces a range of special products for law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

 About Nagra

Nagra logo. Copyright Nagra Kudelski / Nagra Audio [1].

Nagra recorders described on this website
Professional-grade miniature body wearable tape recorder
Nagra 'Crevette' data logger for torpedos Nagra 4.2 professional open-reel audio recorder
Portable audio amplifier for the Nagra SN tape recorder Sub-miniature professional-grade body wearable tape recorder developed for the FBI
Nagra PS-1 playback unit for JBR tape cassettes Nagra CBR digital Covert Body Recorder
Nagra CCR covert recorder at the size of a credit card
Related products
Nagra CCT covert transmitter at the size of a credit card
Yachta (Soviet clone of Nagra SNST)
Index of Nagra recorders
  1. Classified device.

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