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Tesla PR-35   FAUN
Body wearable covert radio

PR-35/FAUN is a small body wearable covert transceiver, produced by Tesla in Czechoslovakia and introduced in 1977. It was intended for surveillance, covert operations and observations and was predominantly used by the secret service of the former DDR, the Stasi, and the East-German Volkspolizei (People's Police, VoPo), where it was regarded as the successor to the much larger and less sophisticated UFT-421. It is also known as Stasi Radio and by its codename FAUN.
The image on the right shows a typical PR-35 outfit. At the left is the radio. As it measures only 183 x 78 x 18 mm, it can easily be concealed under a person's clothing.

Microphone and speaker are either separate or combined, and can be hidden under the collar of a coat. The cable to the separate push-to-talk switch (PTT) is led through the sleeve, so that the PTT can be held in the palm of the hand.

An external vibrator, with selective call, is present to warn the user for any incoming calls.

The radio is based on the design of the standard PR-35 handheld radio which was used by the police and other civil services. The covert version was codenamed FAUN [3] and was intended for secret operations. An unknown (but large) number of FAUN radios were produced, most of which were exported to the DDR (East-Germany), where they were used by the Secret Police (MfS or Stasi) and the Volkspolizei (VoPo). In recent years, many PR-35/FAUN radios have appeared on the European surplus market and many of them have found their way to collectors and Radio Ham's, especially because they are easily converted to the 2 meter Ham radio band (144-146).
The radio operates in the 2-meter band (160 MHz) and has three fixed crystal-operated channels. All controls and connections are at one end of the radio, making it very easy to operate. There are two rotary switches, an antenna connector and an accessory socket. The first rotary switch is used to turn the unit on. It has 4 settings: O (off), K (traffic), N (selective call) and T (silent call). The second rotary switch has 3 positions and is used for channel selection.

A standard (helical) antenna is available with the PR-35 but, as it might attract too much attention, a short piece of wire is generally used instead. A wire antenna can easily be hidden under the user's clothing and is therefore part of the standard outfit. For special operations, especially prepared coats were sometimes used, in which the antenna wire was sewed in.

Between the channel selector and the antenna socket is a small recessed potentiometer that allows the squelch level to be set with a screwdriver. Volume control is not possible from the radio itself. Instead, the volume setting has been moved to the PTT unit held in the user's hand. It allows the user to control the volume with his thumb, whilst operating the transmitter with the index finger.
Release sticker Package contents The standard microphone with cable The complete external PTT (push-to-talk) unit with cable The speaker with short connection cable and leather strap Vibrator

Vibrator Separate PTT (push-to-talk) unit with volume control. Should be used with external miniature-microphone. Operating the external PTT (push-to-talk) unit The hand microphone with PTT (push-to-talk) and volume control Operating the microphone The speaker with short connection cable and leather strap Rear side of the speaker, showing the leather mounting strap Rear of the speaker, showing the connector

Grey helical antenna Black helical antenna Wire antenna Close-up of the connector of the wire antenna

Standard model
The PR-35/FAUN is based on the standard Tesla PR-35 hand-held radio that was used by the police and other civil services. The standard version was housed in a black enclosure and had simplified controls. It has the same size as the covert version (FAUN) but can be recognized by the rather large speaker/microphone that is visible as a 'bulge' at the front of the radio.

The image on the right shows a standard PR-35 with its typical black helical antenna. More images are available below.

Standard PR-35 unit in original packaging Standard PR-35 unit in original packaging together with batteries, antenna and adapter. User instructions at the left. Standard PR-35 unit in original packaging Standard PR-35 radio with helical antenna (separated)

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